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Guideline for the Competition
37th akita modern dance competition detail
2018/Dec8th saturday to9th sunday
Akita city cultural hall ( Akitashi Bunka Kaikan) TEL:018-865-1191
[ stage frontage16m× width14m ]
adult ( over 18 )
Junior 2 ( students under 18 )
Junior 1 ( children of elementary age or younger )
group ( no solos・piece with more than 2 dancers in any age )
adult 4 minutes max.
Junior1 and 2 3 minutes max.
group Between 4 to 6 minutes (you have to select the length when you apply)
CD:prepare one CD for each piece.One track preferred.
Note the title and your name on CD.
If there's cue for the music, you have to be responsible to prepare a assistance to give a cue.
-click here for the detail.
Choreographer/ Dancer・Critic・Artists
If the judge is somehow related to the piece, he/she will not judge the piece
The score list of the judges will be printed and be open to the public.
Grand prix
For the best dancer(an extra prize)
Best coach prise
For the best coach(an extra prize)
Best Group Award
For the best group piece(an extra prize)
Second best group award
For the second best group piece(an extra prize)
Keko Yokoyama Award
For One or two group pieces with dancers of elementary age or younger
Akita Komachi Award
Akita Contemporary Dance Association will pick one to perform at the Exhibition Performance
Dancers who won the prizes are invited to perform at the exhibition performance. There'll be ceremony within the performance.
If you won a award, please be ready to perform for the Exhibition performance on Dec. 9th.

How to apply
How to apply and deadlines
Application fee
Solo Department
15,000 yen
Group Department(select the length of the piece)
4mins max 8,000yen×number of dancers
5mins max 8,000yen×(number of dancers+1)
6mins max 8,000yen×(number of dancers+2)
Apply online
Apply between2018/October25th~November 7th
  ←click the left link to apply online. Application fee has to be paid separately. Application form will not be accepted until the fee has paid. Check the link for the detail.
Apply by mail
Apply between2018/October25th~November9th
For the dancers abroad, Send the application form with application fee via resistered mail for cash or deposit the application fee. For the detail, contact us.
For the application form, download the form on the right, or contact us for the english version.
After acceptance of the application form we will send you an notification by the end of November.
〒010-0917 Akita city Izumi Cuo 1-20-1 Japan
Akita Contemporary Association
Akita Contemporary Association TEL:+81 18-864-5980
Akicon Office info@akicon.net

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